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Q&A with Rachael Hose of Atlas Therapies|Rose Quartz Beauty Rituals

Social media allows paths to cross, meeting amazing, inspiring and like minded individuals who share the same passions and enthusiasm, even if it is digitally through your smart phone device, a connection can still develop.

Rachael was one of those people who I instantly connected with. Her warmth and knowledge regarding alternative therapies was so inspiring. I wanted to learn more from her and after purchasing a Rose Quartz pen massage tool, it was also clear to see we shared the same affection towards all things crystal related!

Inspiring and knowledgable books on Crystals

I was so excited when Rachael agreed to answer my questions relating to what Rose Quartz means to her and how she incorporates them into her alternative therapies. Read on to be inspired.....

What first inspired you to incorporate Rose Quartz facial tools into your facial practice?

Honestly it wasn’t until I trained in facial Gua Sha that I realised the benefit that rose quartz facial tools could have, although before that I had always been drawn to rose quartz jewellery! I learned how to use rose quartz spoons tools to massage and the effect was so calming and nurturing that I decided to include them in most of my wholistic facial treatments.

Rose Quartz Pen Image by Rachael Hose

What do you believe to be the physical and emotional benefits of using crystals within skincare therapies?

Physically I think it comes down to their look and feel. The rose quartz tools that I use are so smooth and cooling which feel very calming to the skin and muscles. They are also designed with ridges and bevelled edges that help to release muscle tension.

There is also the joy of actually being able to use something that looks so beautiful. I feel that it elevates your self care practice to something really special. I do believe that the different crystals have affinity to different chakras too. For example, pink & pale green for the heart chakra which relates back to the idea of self - care and nurturing ourselves.

The Gua Sha is a personal favourite massage tool to use as part of my self care beauty ritual. Do you have specific techniques that you could advise on to enhance an at home facial massage routine? 

Fundamentally Gua Sha is a therapeutic modality, so I would say the biggest way that you could enhance your own ritual is by tuning in while practicing and to really connect with the fact that you are caring for yourself.

I always suggest that you take the time to really be intentional and mindful with the movements too, and pay attention to what your body is telling you. For example, as you move over the jaw, are you picking up that you have lots of tension there? If so, what feels good to ease that? Could you be more mindful of clenching your jaw during the day to help release some tension too? Or can you identify and alleviate the issue that is causing you to hold so much tension in the first place? 

My Rose Quartz Gua Sha

You offer a variety of complementary therapies in your own personal practice that you are trained in. 

Which treatments are your most popular? 

Aside from everything Gua Sha, I would say that pregnancy reflexology is the most popular. It’s always such a privilege to be entrusted to provide this treatment. I’m a qualified midwife and although I don’t practice anymore, I  absolutely love being able to support women in this capacity now. It’s such a restorative treatment for women, and the babies love it too!

What other therapies would you like to further train in? 

So many! I’m always on the quest for further knowledge to share with my clients. I’m fascinated by the lymphatic system so would love to learn the Dr Vodder technique of manual lymphatic drainage. At some point I’d love to take yoga teacher training too...

You also hold workshops based around the complementary therapies you offer. What upcoming workshops will you be focusing on?


I love holding facial gua sha for self-care workshops so have plans for more over the rest of the year. Recently I facilitated a workplace wellbeing session teaching mindfulness techniques for managing stress, which was really enjoyable -  I am focusing on arranging more of these. And I think some workshops on taking care of our lymphatic systems and skin health would be great too. It’s going to be a busy summer at Atlas!

Rachael is a complementary therapist specialising in facial massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. She is the founder of Atlas Therapies, based in Glasgow and specialises in supporting women’s health throughout all stages of life. Learn more at www.atlastherapies.co.uk and on instagram @atlas_therapies 

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